eco wrapping


I recently gave some bento goodies to my sister-in-law(s) and my niece. Thing was, I ran out of wrapping paper for my husband’s sister’s [and aunts’] gifts. I went out on a shopping excursion the next day with plans to get more, but first I stopped by Old Navy to exchange a pair of pants. When I was in the checkout line, I saw these super kawaii reusable shopping bags for a buck a piece. That’s when the idea hit me – why buy more wrapping paper (which would just get thrown away) when I could use these bags to wrap gifts? It’s like a gift in an [itty bitty] gift! I plan to use reusable shopping bags from now on the wrap gifts. And, the best thing is, tons of store sell reusable bags for a dollar [or less than], so you don’t even spend much more money* wrapping this way!

[*If you don’t have money to spend on wrapping, or are just interested in being extra environmentally conscious, the funnies from the Sunday paper work great for gift wrap!]

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