olympic niblets

To celebrate the start of the Vancouver Olympic Games, I put together a red [strawberries], white [pita triangles] and blue [blueberries] snack tray for the bitty ones. As you can see, there was also yellow [hummus], brown [honey roasted peanuts] and green [Snapea Crisps - the ONLY vegetable twofish will eat].



Onefish and twofish polished off the entire spread during the qualifying rounds of the men’s ski jumping.

  • Laurie says:

    Will you be my mommy, too?

  • Open says:

    This looks like a fun game. Now, I have to play it, even though it’s Saturday now.1. The last thing I ate was LASAGNA and RAVIOLI.2. WHAT HAPPENS IN LONDON BY JULIA QUINN is snhetmiog I recently bought.3. When it rains, IT FLOODS THE ROAD BY MY HOUSE. 4. MY HUBBY was the first person I talked to today.5. Hugs are ALWAYS WELCOME.6. okay, nothing tops Yette’s “extra comfort” comment.7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to ITALIAN FOOD, tomorrow my plans inclue PICNIC AT MY BROTHER’S PLACE. And Sunday, I want to TAKE A NICE LONG NAP.

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